Time for a Story

These are children’s stories that are perfect for sharing life lessons, building strong character, and spending family time together. They will help parents, grandparents, and teachers inspire children to be kind to others, discover their potential to do good deeds, and develop positive values and a loving heart. Includes five stories geared to children ages 4-14, taken from Great Stories Remembered I. Illustrations are of children. The color plates date back to Turn of the Century, kind of a Kate Greenway look; once a person gets their hands on one, the book is gone.

(1999) 64 Pages. Hardback. Printed in color.

Scroll down for a list of authors and stories in this collection.


In this book you will find:

Author Unknown Birthdays are Lovely
Author Unknown Joseph’s Coat
Colby, W. L. How Patty Earned Her Salt
Creager, Eunice At the Eleventh Hour
Kilbourne, Fannie H. Widened Hearth, The


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