The Wings of God

Miraculous Stories of our Lord and His Angels at Work. Same stories as Guideposts’ Stories of Angels, Seen and Unseen. Introductions and sequence changed, however. Illustrated with mostly woodcuts. (2000) 244 pages. Hardback with dust jacket. Published by Waterbrook / RandomHouse.


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In this book you will find:

Asselt, Von Angels on Guard
Author Unknown Gun In His Hand and Murder In His Heart
Behrens, B. Lyn The Miracle of Two Blue Coats
Berry, Lois Wheeler He Shall Give His Angels Charge Over You
Bond, Jerry The Hand on My Shoulder
Brown, Minnie Waite Prayer in Shorthand
Chilson, Wanda Angels Unawares
Coleman, Florence Aunt Emma’s Angel
Cummings, Paula Miracle Water
Dubay, Louise and C. F. O’Dell When the Fire Went Out
Gold, May Sheriden The Nine-Hour Prayer
Hayden, Gwendolyn Lampshire The Angels of Choritza
Ingles, Charles I Must be in Quebec on Saturday Afternoon
Jensen, Veldonna The Angel of the Lord
Jones, John and W. A. Spicer Man on a White Horse
Lazzar, Fanny Faith and Four Tables
Lively, Virginia Three Months in His Presence
Lloyd, Marjorie Lewis Any Deadly Thing
Lloyd, Marjorie Lewis The Delayed Trial
Lloyd, Marjorie Lewis Praying for Shingles
Lloyd, Marjorie Lewis The Trembling Terror
Marshall, Catherine The Healing of Maude Blanford
Miller, Wendy Soap and Bags and Hairs on My Head
Newman, Beverly ThYellow Kite
Olson, Lois Please, God, Save Our Amy!
Parfitt, Muriel Led by Angels
Parkier, Lois M. An Angel Walked
Peterson, Stella Parker Food from the King’s Table
Sherrill, Elizabeth Too Strange to be Coincidence
Shinn, George They Said I Didn’t Have a Prayer
Smith, V. F. The Shetland Pony
Spicer, W. A. The Clock that Struck Thirteen
Spicer, W. A. How Stanley Met Livingston
Spicer, W. A. and A. T. Pierson Feeding the Orphans
Spicer, W. A. and Bishop Whipple An Indian Jonah
Spicer, W. A. editor Broken Chains, Open Doors
Spicer, W. A. editor Driven Far Off Course
Taylor, Lucille He Shall Keep Thee
ten Boom, Corrie I’m Till Learning to Forgive
Waters, Grace Lost
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger God Put You On This Train!
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Introduction: In the Shadow of His Wings
Wheeler, Ruth Now You See Them


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