The Talleyman Ghost and Other Mysteries for Girls

12 of the best short mystery stories ever written for girls. These are sure to entertain, inform, and even raise an eyebrow of two. The settings, centuries and situations may vary, but each unique story will keep you turning the page in anticipation.

2014: 143 pages. Tradepaper. Published by Mission Books.

Scroll down for a list of stories and authors in this collection.



In this book you will find:

Ashworth, Mae Hurley Clock Stopped, The
Benjamin, Grace Lyon That Darling Chin
Britton, Catherine R. Talleyman Ghost, The
Castelhun, Dorothea Missing Chessman, The
Cleland, Mabel Buried Treasure
Kelly, Eric Philbrook Royal Mystery–Unsolved, A
Kempton, Kenneth Payson Wings of the Wind
Oliver, Mary Beth Butterfly Ranch
Seaman, Augusta Huiell Mallory Inheritance, The
Terhune, Albert Payson Portia and Xenophon
Weaver, Malura T. Ebony Box, The
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Introduction: Girls and Mysteries
Young, Helen Minshell Aunt Honoria’s Legacy


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