The Best of Times

Trade paperback edition of Great Stories Remembered I.  (1996) 328 pages. Published by Focus on the Family.

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In this book you will find:


Ancker, Frances and Cynthia Hope Last Day on Earth
Author Unknown Birthdays are Lovely
Author Unknown God’s Rooster
Author Unknown His “Innymunt”
Author Unknown Joseph’s Coat
Baldwin, Faith Letter to Edith
Beard, Annie E. S. Grandmother’s Quilt
Cather, Katherine D. When Mozart Raced with Marie Antoinette
Clark, Felicia Buttz Rejected Stone, The
Colby, W. L. How Patty Earned Her Salt
Creager, Eunice At the Eleventh Hour
Dailey, Hartley F. Overnight Guest
de Maupassant, Guy Necklace, The
Deutschman, Paul It Happened on the Brooklyn Subway
Donnell, Annie Hamilton Boy on the Running Board, The
Dunaway, Anna Brownell Purple and Fine Linen
Enslow, Ella, with Alvin F. Harlow Red-Haired Doll, The
Faris, John T. Two Courageous Missionary Brides
Gale, Zona Night of the Storm, The
Grey, Zane Monty Price’s Nightingale
Harbour, J. L. Rebellion of Pa, The
Hilbert, Mary Sherman Sandpiper to Bring You Joy, A
Kantz, Florence C. God Never Forgets
Kilbourne, Fannie H. Widened Hearth, The
Longstreth, T. Morris Lesson in Forgiveness, A
McKee, Mabel Beautiful Living
Peattie, Louise Redfield Inkspot
Peck, Helen Thankful Book, The
Richmond, Grace S. Their Word of Honor
Steinke, Linda Harrington Hector and Rudolph
Wallace, G. E. Breakwater on Elk Creek, The
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Introduction: “A Certain Man Had Two Sons. . .”
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Meditation in a Minor Key
Wibberley, Leonard Captive Outfielder, The
Williams, C. M. Little Johnny Slept Here


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