Tears of Joy for Mothers

A joyful collection of stories for your heart and soul, containing poems, stories, and writings that remind us gently of what it really means to be a mother. 14 stories include authors such as Margaret E. Sangster, Jr., Mabel McKee, and Agnes Sligh Turnbull. 2006: 228 pages. Published by Thomas Nelson.

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In this book you will find:

Author Unknown Apple Blossoms
Author Unknown Little Room, The
Author Unknown Mustard Plaster, The
Author Unknown Story of Love
Brown, Katherine Holland Third Time’s the Charm
Gordon, Arthur Beautiful Dreamer
Jackson, Margaret Weymouth Stepmother, The
McKee, Mabel Song of Songs, The
Moore, Gerald Day Mother Cried, The
Olsen, Ruth Lees Zachary’s Angel
Sangster, Margaret E. Littlest Orphan and the Christ Baby, The
Turnbull, Agnes Sligh When They All Came Home
Wallace, Emma Gary New Neighbor, The
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Introduction: My Mother’s Scrapbooks
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Stella Solaris


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