Tawny the Magnificent Jaguar

Tawny the Magnificent Jaguar and other Great Jungle Stories features stories of God’s jungle animals — from Mexico to Myanmar. You’ll learn about lions and leopards, elephants and buffaloes, camels and cobras. This book is part of Joe Wheeler’s animal book series called The Good Lord Made Them All, published by Pacific Press. (2011) 159 pages, Tradepaper.

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In this collection you will find:

Author Unknown Androcles and the Lion
Bowden, Edith Tawny
Braden, Frank Kindness Conquers
Brockman, Clark Boy Mahout, The
Burns, Marjorie Grant Broken!
Coolidge, Susan Solimin–A Camel Story for Children
Cronkhite, L. R. Rift Valley King
Emmer, Ashley G. Killer’s Cunning, The
Fenn, Robert Wilson Jaguar and the Caymans, The
Hare, Eric B. Elephant that Cried, The
Hartley, George Inness Forced Armistice, The
Hildreth, Julia K. Arms of Ahmed, The
Hoyt, Vance Joseph Big Roo
Mallow, Frank Ambulance of Aldabra, The
May, Alice Smallest Bird in the World, The
Pullen, Clarence Chao Chahng and the Man Eater
Scoville, Samuel Jr. Lodi of the Veldt
Tolman, Albert W. Condor Eggs
Westphal, Barbara Quest for a Quetzal
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Introduction: No Escape Anywhere
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Lorita, the Gadabout Parrot


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