Stinky the Stunk that Wouldn’t Leave

Stinky: The Skunk That Wouldn’t Leave and Other Strange Stories and Wonderful Animal Stories is filled with 23 riveting, strange and wonderful stories. Part of Joe Wheeler’s animal book series called The Good Lord Made Them All, published by Pacific Press. (2012) 160 pages. Tradepaper.

Scroll down for a list of stories and authors in this collection.

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In this collection you will find:

Arends, Hank If God Gives You a Cat, I’ll Let You Keep It
Author Unknown Eben Brown’s Combination Snake
Author Unknown Mouse’s Ransom, The
Banks, Helen Ward Jim and the Giant
Bledsoe, Lon, as told to Rhonda Reese Finding Dude
Britton, Catherine R. Fancy! A Cow!
Brown, Abbie Farwell Tour of the Four, The
Coudert, Jo I Love You, Pat Myers
Curtis, Isabel Gordon Debut of “Dan’l Webster”, The
Dillon, Arthur Olaf and the Lemmings
Hamilton, Steve Squeaker, the Truck-Riding Deer
Jackson, Charles Tenney Sea Horse of Grand Terre, The
James, Walter K. Nep
Leonard, Mary D. Canary’s Siege, The
Leonard, Priscilla Betty and the Bear
London, Jack Old Baldy
Long, William J. Barnyard Lesson, A
Morris, Clara Little Man Friday
Oritz, Tony Stinky, the Skunk That Wouldn’t Leave
Paine, Albert Bigelow My Musical Mouse
Rhodes, Charles D. Kitten and the Bear, The
Scoville, Samuel Jr. Moonshine
Watson, Margaret Swallow’s Revenge, The
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Introduction: Strange and Wonderful


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