Spot the Dog that Broke the Rules

Spot the Dog that Broke the Rules and Other Great Heroic Animal Stories contains true tales animal heroism for all ages.  Ten of the eighteen animal subjects chosen for this collection either risked or gave their lives for people — some of whom were men, women, or children they barely knew! Part of Joe Wheeler’s animal book series called The Good Lord Made Them All, published by Pacific Press. 2008: 159 pages. Tradepaper.

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In this book you will find:

Bailey, Carolyn Sherwin Spot, the Dog That Broke the Rules
Cannon, A. H. Cat That Fed a Prisoner, The
Caswell, Mary Woodbury Through the Storm
Chalmers,Stephen Brian Boru
Chapman, William Gerard Swiftwater Buck, The
Duncan, Ella A. Hero in Feathers
Edwards, Charlotte Swans and the Goose, The
Graeme, Elvira Jack of Sugar Hollow
Hamilton, Carter Flapjack
Hammond, Eleanor Tony
Lawson, Patrick Two Bits
Morris, John Faithful Unto Death
Oliver, Mary Ethel Golden Arrow
Porter, Penny Little on the Wild Side,  A
Schilling, Anne Marie Mr. Tweedy
Seton, Ernest Thompson Little Warhorse
Stewart, Charles David Stork That Was Late, The
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Introduction: Animals Have Heroes, Too
Zhelikhovsky, Vera P. and Isabel F. Hapgood Kind-Hearted Bear, The


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