Showdown and Other Sports Stories for Boys

This collection of short stories captures the physical challenges and character-building choices of young athletes. Geared to boys and their fascination of physical activity.

2012: 125 pages. Tradepaper. Published by Mission Books.

Scroll down for a list of stories and authors in this collection.

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In this book you will find:

Barbour, Ralph Henry Brat, The
Camp, Walter Bicycle Race, The
Chute, B. J. Showdown
Curran, Grace Wickham Alpine Adventure, An
Holady, A. May Pompey Plays the Game
Kent, Ira Rich Captain Who Did Not Play, The
Longstreth, T. Morris Speed Peter’s Finish
Paret, Anna P. Which One Won?
Schmidt, Walter R. Between Strokes
Scoville, Samuel Jr. Reef, The
Silvers, Earl Reed Hour of Victory, An
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Introduction: Boys and Sports Stories
Woods, William Hervey Tiger at the Ford, The


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