My Favorite Miracle Stories

Is there a difference between miracle stories and coincidence stories? Well, there certainly ought to be a difference. I have come to this conclusion: if there is no clear indication of divine intervention in a given story, I see no valid reason to consider it spiritually miraculous. 192 pages. Paperback. Published in 2015 by Pacific Press.

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In this book you will find:

Author Unknown Prayer Heard and Answered
Baxendale Saved by a Spider’s Web
Boylan, Dawn Another Chance
Carey, William Poisoned in Tibet
Chamberlain, Jacob Voice in the Tiger Jungle, The
Clarke, Adam Angry Mob Held Powerless, An
Cossentine, Myrtle Adrift in the Heavens
Crager, Jean Unseen Hand, The
Dobson, James Lord Spoke to Me, The
Duffield, S. W. Raven the Messenger, A
Eggleston, Margaret Girl Who Changed Her Mind, The
Fletcher, John F. Expunged Sermon, The
Foreman, Lois Angels in the Fog
Freiworth, Paul K. Miracle in Magdeburg
Gaub, Ken God’s Got Your Number
Hamilton, Steve Miracle on the Highway
Hastings, H. W. Why the Horse Balked
Kershaw, Miriam Oranges from Heaven
Lloyd, Marjorie Lewis Nondis the Leper
Markham, Mary Protected
Marsh, Gary Plane Engine that Wouldn’t Start, The
Palmer, Byron Snatched from the Green River
Palmer, Kirby, Connie Palmer Wheeler, Marla Palmer Marsh Life-Changing Day on Humboldt Bay, A
Paton, John G. Missionary Digs a Well, The
Pettis, Louis W. Danger in the Dark
Sales, Teresa My Prayer of Relinquishment
Sheffer, Mr.s R. B. Lighted Path, The
Smith, Everett When Thou Walkest Through the Fire
Spicer, W. A. Miracle in the Landhouse
Steinhauer, Helen A. Rescue at Sea, A
Taylor, Hudson How Wang was Called Into Light
Taylor, Mrs. Howard His Daily Bread
Thompson, George Alden Jungle Landing
Walker, Leta He Shall Give His Angels Charge
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Introduction: Is There a Difference Between Miracle Stories and Coincidence Stories?
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Miracle in the Sky
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Revolution!
Wingate, Jean Shadow, The
Woodson, Mrs. Sam Boy in the Well, The
Worman, Theresa Box for Su Ling, A


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