My Favorite Angel Stories

Enjoy these stories of unexplained deviations from natural law and probabilities, when God stepped in, through his Angels, to save us. (2013) 192 pages. Tradepaper. Published by Pacific Press Publishing Association.

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In this book you will find:

Author Unknown Maximilian’s Wish
Author Unknown Telegram that Saved My Train, The
Berry, Lois Wheeler He Shall Give His Angels Charge Over You
Bigler, Deloris Hand on the Wheel, The
Case, Nina Power of Song, The
Chapman, W. S. Stop the Ship!
Cossentine, J. Echo God Will Take Care of You
Duffie, Frances Daisy and Martha Duffie Touch of Angel Hands, The
Hatch, Mildred Faith
Hayden, Gwendolyn Lampshire Angels of Choritza, The
Henry, Merton jr. Mysterious Rider on PG-16, The
Jack, Robert T. Omnipresence
Jones, Betty Guardian Angels
Lee, Lieutenant Frank Prayer and the Terror by Night
Litch, Josiah Run!
Marsh, Marla Palmer Let’s Run Tell Our Friends!
Marsh, Marla Palmer We Should Have Been Dead
Mays, Elma English Master Controls the Switch, The
Palmer, Kirby Turning Point, The
Parker, Lois M. Angel Walked, An
Pascoe, Martin Underneath
Plume, George Sea on My Back, The
Rodriguez, Dixil L. Calling Card, The
Sales, Teresa Whiteout!
Schneider, Ellsworth Providence in Revolution
Spicer, W. A. Firewood and Candles
Spicer, W. A. Monarch’s Restless Night, A
Spicer, W. A. and A. E. Glover Thousand Miles of Miracle, A
Spicer, W. A. and John G. Paton John G Paton and the Cannibals
Surdahl, Kari Angel in the Darkness
Westphal, Barbara When Angels Rode Horseback
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Hanging On by the Fingers
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Introduction: Is there a Difference Between Biblical and New Age Angel Stories?
Wilson, Mildred Through the Storm


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