Heart to Heart Stories of Friendship

This is a touching collection of timeless tales that will tug at your heart and uplift your soul. For anyone who has ever experienced or longed for the true joy of friendship, this engaging short-story collection is sure to inspire laughter, tears, and tender remembrances. So share these stories with a friend, or enjoy them yourself as a cozy evening’s entertainment — for surely, like friends, these stories will live in your heart and take up permanent residence in your memories. (1999) 256 pages. Hardback. Part of Heart to Heart series published by Tyndale & Focus on the Family.

Scroll down for a list of authors and stories included in this collection.


In this book you will find:

Author Unknown Blue Ribbon
Author Unknown Girl at the Telephone, The
Author Unknown Table Service
Benning, Howe Her Best Work
Boyd, Ronald One More Prayer
Curry,  Thomas A. Lame Duck, The
Dimmitt, Della Dementia Praecox
Gilmore, Ernest Darling, A
Gordon, Arthur Stranger who Taught Magic, The
Henry, O. Third Ingredient, The
Kirkland, Winifred Mail on Corridor Three, The
Leaton, Mabel Pinky
Marden, Richard First Honors
Martin, Susan Huffner Silas Peterman’s Investment
Milward, Arthur Thank You, Rosie
Porter, Penny Tail of the Lobo, The
Rathbun-Sutton, Carolyn Whath Yo Name?
Rogers, Sherman Rebirth of Tony, The
Smith, Harriet Lummis When Muddy Creek Overflowed
Terrill, Josephine DeFord Framework
Tolve, Joseph Jr. My Eyes with a Waggin’ Tail
Walworth, Dorothy Woman to Warm Your Heart By, A
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger I Can See Him
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Introduction: The Many Roads to Friendship


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