Heart to Heart Stories for Grandparents

Timeless stories for the grandparents in our lives. True indeed it is that while our parents give us wings, it is our grandparents who give us roots. (2002) 260 pages. Hardback. Part of Heart to Heart series published by Tyndale & Focus on the Family.

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In this book you will find:

Aldrich, Bess Streeter Mason Family on Exhibition, The
Autry, Ewart A. Ready for Heaven
Banks, Helen Ward Cousins’ Conspiracy, The
Boiko, Denise Anderson Gift for Lauren, A
Boyette, Kathryn Smith Amy’s Butterfly
Buck, Pearl S. Heart’s Beginning, The
Clark, Felicia Buttz His First Dress Suit
Donnell, Annie Hamilton Grandmother’s End of the Ice Cream
Dungan, Avis This Was My Son
Dustin, Agnes Barden Practice Hours
Eckhardt, Alfred F. One Breath Away
Everett, Betty Steele Old-Fashioned Love Story, An
Gaither, Bill with Jerry B. Jenkins His Legacy
Garren, Ruth When Tulips Die in the Spring
Hasbrouck, Louise Seymour Bread Crusts
Herbert, John M. Magician, The
Hicks, Frank L., Jr You Can’t Do It, Grandma!
Johnson, Dorothy Elk Tooth Dress, The
McKee, Mabel Guest of Honor, The
Thompson, Mary Kay Super-Duper, The
Tollmann, Elizabeth Ann Delayed Letter, The
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Introduction: Roots to our Wings: Grandparenting
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Legacy
Woodcock, Irene S. Shabby Little House, The


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