Great Stories Remembered III

A third book in the collection of stories for the entire year. Features 35 popular short stories. (2000) 430 pages. Hardback. Published by Focus on the Family. (2000)

Scroll down for a list of stories and authors included in this collection.


In this book you will find:


Adams, Frank R. Three Thousand Miles from Home
Author Unknown Boy Who Couldn’t Be Saved, The
Author Unknown Case of Need, A
Author Unknown Promise and a Ski Run, A
Author Unknown Show Must Go On, The
Brownley, Mary Lady with the Lamp, The
Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich Bet, The
Denny, Melcena Burns Hanging Lamp, The
Donnell, Annie Hamilton Leaf that Mother Turned, The
Dunsmore, Sharon A. Tiny  Tim
Geister, Edna Unmousing of Jean, The
Gordon, Arthur Answers at Nightfall
Goudge, Elizabeth Lob-Lie-by-the-Fire
Hatch, O. M. How We April-Fooled Aunt Patty
Jay, Mae Foster Shop Around Awhile
Joscelyn, Archie Dawn Comes to Dr. Faris
Kent, C. G. Something of Father’s
Kipling, Rudyard Rikki-tikki-tavi
Kroll, Harry Harrison Old Mount Gilead
Lovewell, R. Number Nine Schoolhouse
Martyn, Ruby Holmes Jonah Pie, The
McKee, Mabel Song of Songs, The
Milward, Arthur Pavane for a Princess
Platz, P. J. Family Ties
Porter, Penny Love on the Wing
Richmond, Grace S. Lawrence Thorne, Junior
Sangster, Margaret E. Jr. Harvest Home Harmony
Schmidt, Walter R. Between Strokes
Smith, Harriet Lummis Message of the Orchid, The
Stephenson, Delia Morris Frivolous Gold Digger, The
Terrill, Josephine DeFord Nearest His Heart
Wallace, G. E. Marshaling of the Maples, The
Wells, Mary Ransom’s Papers
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Introduction: The Dream Machine
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Pandora’s Books



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