Great Stories Remembered II

A second collection of stories for the whole year long. Features authors such as Arthur Milward, Bob Considine, Pearl S. Buck, Fulton Oursler, Josephine DeFord Terrill, Jesse Owens, Annie Hamilton Donnell, Arthur Gordon, Mabel McKee, Temple Bailey, Grace Richmond, Grace Livingston Hill, and Margaret E. Sangster, Jr. Introduction: “The Power of Stories.” 1998, Hardback. Published by Focus on the Family. Paperback version published as Best of Times II.

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In this book you will find:


Alexander, Ida Revolutions
Author Unknown Bobby  Shaftoe
Author Unknown Golden Moment, The
Author Unknown In an Artist’s Studio
Author Unknown Matilda
Autry, Ewart A. Ready for Heaven
Bailey, Temple Canopy Bed, The
Baughman, Lynnette For Better or Worse
Buck, Pearl S. Heart’s Beginning, The
Cody, Grace Ethelyn Easter Song, An
Considine, Bob Could You Have Loved This Much?
Coontz, Kathleen Read Boy Who Loved Lincoln, A
Donnell, Annie Hamilton Story of Stepmothering,  The
Duncan, Ella A. Hero in Feathers
Garren, Ruth When Tulips Die in the Spring
Gordon, Arthur Interview with an Immortal
Greenman, Frances Influence Unawares
Hill, Grace Livingston Miss Lavinia’s Call
James, Edith Hoffman Father
Kent, Ira Rich Captain Who Did Not Play, The
Loomis, Frederic In a Chinese Garden
McElroy, William T. Matter of Honor, A
McKee, Mabel When Lincoln Passed
Milward, Arthur Sing for Me
Oursler, Fulton Hardest Lesson, The
Owens, Jesse, with Paul G. Neimark My Life as a Black Man
Richmond, Grace S. At the Close of His Career
Sangster, Margaret E. Littlest Orphan and the Christ Baby, The
Stearns, L. D. Home for Thanksgiving
Terrill, Josephine DeFord Her Greater Privilege
Vincent, Wallace Dunbar Spirit of Valley Forge, The
Waldo, Dorothy Teaching True
Walker, Phil Annie, the Railroad Dog
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Introduction: The Power of Stories
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Third Rose, The
Wolcott, Dixie Queen Esther’s Petition


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