My Favorite Prayer Stories

I firmly believe that prayers are not merely to supply our wants, although God does grant a surprisingly large number of such prayers. Rather, they are meant to deepen our friendship and companionship with our Maker. All of these answer-to-prayer stories are true and biblically compatible. 191 pages. Paperback. Published in 2016 by Pacific Press.

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In this book you will find the following stories and authors:

Anderson, Velda The Prayer Quilt
Author Unknown A Father’s Prayer
Author Unknown How God Sent the Flour
Author Unknown Number Two
Author Unknown The Little Anchor
Bach, Marcus The Wager
Behrens, B. Lyn The Miracle of the Two Blue Coats
Bond, George The Castaway of Fish Rock
Branard, Phyllis Jeanne If It Be God’s Will
Clark, Roy P. Providence on Pitcairn
Funk, Harold The Providence of a Tornado
Hamilton, Steve God, The Sheriff’s Car, and the Frozen Meat
Hare, Eric B. The Jungle Bandmaster
Ingles, Charles, and A. T. Pierson The Great Prayer Warrior: George Miller
Jobe, Gussie Ross White Walls
Johnson, Jewell One More Prayer for Jennie
Miller, Wendy Soap and Bags and Hairs on My Head
Muhlenberg, Henry Melchior with Regina Leininger and Maria Le Roy Alone, Yet Not Alone Am I
Nelson, Laura Real Courage
Pennington, Rochelle Do You Believe in Miracles?
Prentiss, Mark O. Sophie and Her God
Prout, Phyllis A 1940 Miracle
Ruckman, Kathleen Choose Life
Sales, Teresa A. Angels in a Tow Truck
Spicer, William Butler and W.A. A Cry for Help in the Jungle
Stewart, Cheryl Walterman A Perfect Mistake
Strickland, Robert Saved by a Song
Swing, Jeanette The Other Boy
Thistle, Doris His Way in the Fire
Tyson-Flynn, Juanita The Rugged Land
Van Ess, John Prayer in Extremity
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Four Hours Early
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Introduction: The Ups and Downs of Prayer Life


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