My Favorite Life-Changing Stories

All my life I’ve been fascinated by life-changing epiphanies. Epiphanies that we rarely see coming or recognize when they are happening. Only in retrospect do we realize that if that moment, that day, had never happened, how different our lives would have been. Fictional epiphany stories are easy to find, but powerful true epiphany stories are much more difficult to track down. Indeed, it has taken me a lifetime to put this collection together. 192 pages. Paperback. Published in 2017 by Pacific Press.

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A collection of powerful, true, epiphany short stories. In this collection you will find:


A Father When Success Hung in the Balances
Author Unknown Elnathan’s Gold
Author Unknown Out of Focus
Author Unknown Polly Hastings’ Valentine
Author Unknown Poor Uncle Si
Author Unknown Something to Carry Home
Author Unknown The Countess and the Impossible
Author Unknown The Golden Moment
Author Unknown The Stranger Within Thy Gates
Author Unknown Tit for Tat
Author Unknown Two Kinds of Tragedy
Author Unknown What One Lie Did
Bradford, Barbara Scars of Triumph
Campbell, Alma Mager Quiet Zone
Carleton, Will The First Settler’s Story
Gordon, Arthur On the Far Side of Failure
Gordon, Arthur The Roadblock of Regret
Hall, Frederick Absent With Leave
Hines, Jerome Prologue: A Voice for God
Larkin, Harley He’s Going to Die Anyway
Leech, Faith Harris A Temperamental Garden
Oakley, May A Chance Encounter
Sangster, Margaret The Girl Who Conquered Herself
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Epilogue: Praying Solomonic Prayer
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Introduction: The Diverging Roads of Our Lives
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger To Bleed Awhile… and Fight Again


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