My Favorite Courage Stories

The fifth book in the non-fiction My Favorite Stories Collection featuring incredible stories of courage which will inspire all ages! The cover story is about Medal of Honor soldier Desmond Doss, whose story was recently told in the movie Hacksaw Ridge that was nominated for six Academy Awards.

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A collection of powerful, true, epiphany short stories. In this collection you will find:


Author Unknown A Sheet of White Paper
Author Unknown An Incredible Act of Courage
Author Unknown Jane Amsden’s Hospital
Baker, Marjory Scraps
Boggess, F.A. Hero of Pleasant Hill
Bridgman, Ethel Comstock A Question of Courage
Clement, Lora E. 158 Spruce Street
Clement, Lora E. Courage Rather Than Hatred
Clement, Lora E. “Did–I–Do–My–Best?”
Clement, Lora E. “Take Me, Take Me”
Clement, Lora E. Thomas Nast and the Tammany Tiger
Clement, Lora E. “We Had Lost Everything
Clement and Louise Stinetorf, Lora E. Greater Love Hath No Woman
Collins, Carr P. “God Keep Him Alive!”
Fox, Ruth War on Yellow Fever
Gray, Agnes Kendrick Silhouettes of Courage
Holland, Rupert Sargent The Madness of Anthony Wayne
Havard, Aline Rustler Tess
Milward, Arthur A. “Beautiful Upon the Mountains”
Morenus, Richard Anna of the Wilderness
Oursler, Grace Perkins Prologue: On His Own Two Feet
Pollard, Elinor E. Five Days With Dolly Madison
Robinson, Henry Morton Fo’c’sle and Wigwam
Sheffer, Mrs. R. B. Philip and the Cows
Thorup, Hildegarde Hearts Unafraid
Wheeler with Booton Herndon, Joseph Leininger Epilogue: The Hero of Hacksaw Ridge
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Introduction: The Many Faces of Courage


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