Dad in My Heart

This is a timeless collection of memorable tales that show, rather than just tell, what fatherhood is all about. They are stories of unconditional love, of dependability, of strength and character — stories that will allow you to experience, no matter what your situation or stage of life, the special kind of love that comes from a father. (1997) 154 pages. Part of Heart to Heart series published by Tyndale & Focus on the Family. Same as Heart to Heart Stories for Dads, except it is tradepaper and vertical format.

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In this collection you will find:

Author Unknown Tenderly and Forever
Callaghan, Morley The Snob
Carpenter, Hattie H. As a Grain of Mustard Seed
Caviness, Lewis Who Said Rats?
Cook, Joan Marie The Window Tree
Cook, Joan Marie The Yellow Shirt
Dirlam, Mary The Tiger
Fulghum, Robert What My Daughter Taught Me about Love
Gentry, Louise Dad Walter’s Son
Gordon, Arthur Wedding by the Sea
Hansen, Mark Victor Are You Going to Help Me?
Hilbert, Mary Sherman Christmas Gift for Dad
Kirkland, Winifred At Home
Longstreth, T. Morris A Lesson in Forgiveness
Murphy, D. B. Jr. The Hidden Talent
Olsen, Ruth Lees Soul of a Violin
Parmenter, Christine Whiting Kathleen’s Gold Piece
Perry,Vincent G. Dodsworth’s Beans
Richmond, Grace S. Their Word of Honor
Sangster, Margaret E. Jr. The Question
Terrill, Josephine DeFord The Campus Ghost
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Introduction: Fathers on Castors
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger There’s a Wideness
Wynn, Alice Gorton To the Victor


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