Christmas in My Heart, Treasury 2


Features 14 stories by authors such as Christine Whiting Parmenter, Rebecca Caudill, William J. Lederer, Paul Gallico, Annie Hamilton Donnell, and Margaret Sangster, Jr. Contains the first complete text of Clifton C. Osborne’s great story, “A Few Bars in the Key of G.” Introduction: “The 36 Days of Christmas.”

(1997) 273 pages. Hardback with dust jacket. Stories are taken from Review & Herald’s Christmas in My Heart 1,2,3 & 4.

Book was reprinted by Guideposts Books in 2001.


Amanrude, Ruth Emery Guest in the House
Caudill, Rebecca Certain Small Shepherd, A
Dailey, Hartley F. Red Mittens, The
Donnell, Annie Hamilton Rebecca’s Only Way
Gallico, Paul Jolly Miss Enderby
Haddock, Sybil Roses in December
Lederer, William J. Christmas Ballad for the Captain, A
Loomis, Frederic Tiny Foot, The
Osborne, Clifton Carlisle Few Bars in the Key of G, A
Parmenter, Christine Whiting David’s Star of Bethlehem
Richards, Helen E. Real Christmas Spirit, The
Sangster, Margaret E. Lonely Tree
Upton, Minnie Leona When Tad Remembered
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Introduction: The 36 Days of Christmas
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Snow of Christmas, The


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