Christmas in My Heart, Treasury 2, Guideposts

(2001) 273 pages. Same as Doubleday’s Christmas in My Heart 2, except this version does not have a dust jacket. Published by special arrangement with Doubleday.

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In this collection you will find:

Amanrude, Ruth Emery Guest in the House
Caudill, Rebecca Certain Small Shepherd, A
Dailey, Hartley F. Red Mittens, The
Donnell, Annie Hamilton Rebecca’s Only Way
Gallico, Paul Jolly Miss Enderby
Haddock, Sybil Roses in December
Lederer, William J. Christmas Ballad for the Captain, A
Loomis, Frederic Tiny Foot, The
Osborne, Clifton Carlisle Few Bars in the Key of G, A
Parmenter, Christine Whiting David’s Star of Bethlehem
Richards, Helen E. Real Christmas Spirit, The
Sangster, Margaret E. Lonely Tree
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Introduction: The 36 Days of Christmas
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Snow of Christmas, The


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