Christmas In My Heart 8

Focus on the Family wanted hardback rights to Christmas Heart core series. Beginning in 2000, Focus on the Family / Tyndale House instituted a beautiful series of vertical books sporting the same stories and illustrations as the originals. Collectors have always loved these works of art. Illustrations and cover are Nineteenth Century woodcuts.

Same stories and illustrations as in Review and Herald’s Christmas in My Heart 8. Differences: vertical instead of horizontal format.¬†(1999) 208 pages. Paperback. Published by Focus on the Family / Tyndale House.

Scroll down for a list of authors and stories in this book.



In this book you will find:

Alden, Raymond MacDonald Why the Chimes Rang
Author Unknown Hermeda Sings a Carol
Author Unknown Homemade Miracle
Brunner, Marguerite There Is Magic in Believing
Donnell, Annie Hamilton Beloved House, The
Field, Rachel Christmas in the Heart
Gordon, Arthur Good Things in Life, The
Imme, Edward H. Merry Christmas, Mrs. Marigold
Inger, Von M. Christmas Story, A
Jones, Gilette Christmas Room, The
Miller, Wendy Feels Good in My Heart
Morrow, Elizabeth Pint of Judgement, A
Rue, Nancy N. Girl Like Me, A
Sangster, Margaret E. Jr. Special Delivery!
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Introduction: Tell Me a Story of Christmas
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Legacy
Zweig, Stefan Lord Gave the Word, The


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