Christmas In My Heart 23

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This is the 23rd book in the Christmas In My Heart series. Try this heart-warming collection & you may find a new favorite short story author. (2014). 125 pages. Trade Paper. Formatting is the same as all previous editions.

Try this heart-warming collection & you may find a new favorite short story author. Scroll down for a list of stories and authors in this collection.


In this collection you will find:
Baldwin, Faith Christmas Tree Remembers, The (poem)
Bottroff, Jeanne Christmas Doll, The
Chase, Marlene J. Return of Christmas, The
Coston, Bruce R. Gift, The
Dunaway, Anna Brownell Christmas at Bethlehem
Hegel, Irma Crinoline Lady of March Manor, The
Hulse, Edward and Wilfrid Ewart Two Christmas Mornings of the Great War
Keen, Iona Haynes Children Who Played With the Manger, The
Lewis, Frances Christmas Triumph, A
Marshall, Edward S. Flight of the Second Section
Morton, F. McKinnon Twenty Acres for Christmas
Naylor, Phyllis Because of Christmas
Rittgers, Gail Courtney Personal Delivery
Robinson, Harold D. Monkey Manufacturing Company, The
Siepmann, Deborah Sweet Singing in the Choir
Silvers, Earl Reed Santa for Certain
Thornborough, Pat Father Carter and the Herd of Elephants
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Introduction: Psst! I’m Giving Away All My Secrets
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Tides of Life, The


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