Christmas In My Heart 21

This is the 21st book in the longest-running story Christmas anthology series in America, Christmas In My Heart. Volumes 1-16 published by Review & Herald, and continued by Pacific Press. Formatting has not changed. This heart-warming collection features authors such as Temple Bailey and many whom you may not know.  (2012). 127 pages. Trade Paper. Formatting is the same.

Try this heart-warming collection & you may find a new favorite short story author. Scroll down for a list of stories and authors in this collection.


In this collection you will find:
Bailey, Temple Christmas Quest, The
Brandt, Willem Candle, The
Dodge, Mary Mapes Good News on Christmas Morning (poem)
Hancock, Lucy Agnes Christmas Gift
Hoeffler, Jill Empty Box, The
Johnson, Virginia A. Ornament of Grace
LaBarre, Harriet Magic Key, The
Lamoreux, Lola Fifteen for Christmas
Mosby, Ella F. Christmas Inn, The
Muller, Charles G. Bim Rogers–Santa Claus!
Peters, Leslie Very Special Gift, A
Stewart, Isobel Christmas in the Heart
Swartz, Katharine Star of Hope
van Paassen, Pierre Uncle Kees’ Christmas Rebellion
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Going Home for Christmas
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Introduction: Calling on all CIMH Completists
York, Lawrence Peter Peter


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