Christmas In My Heart 18

This is the 18th in the longest-running story Christmas anthology series in America, Christmas In My Heart. Volumes 1-16 published by Review & Herald, and continued by Pacific Press. Formatting has not changed. (2009). 128 pages. Trade Paper.

Try this heart-warming collection & you may find a new favorite short story author. Scroll down for a list of authors and stories in this collection.


In this collection you will find:
Author Unknown Christmas Gift in Prison, A
Bailey, Temple So This Is Christmas!
Bennett, Frank One Christmas Eve
Gietzen, Jean Jeffrey Grandma Thomas’s Three Christmas Trees
Hill, Idona Oren’s Christmas Present
Jones, Claire Empty Heart
McKee, Mabel Plum Pudding for Prosperity
Myers, Ruth Herrick Through the Mike
Packard, Anna Sprague Christmas Substitute, The
Parmenter, Christine Whiting Glory Shone All Around, And
Rayner, Diane Exchange of Gifts, An
Sangster, Margaret E. Jr. Rugged Road, The
Stanley, Carolyn Abbot Missionary Barrel, The
Stewart, Isobel Magic of the Season, The
Watts, Isaac Cradle Hymn, A
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Clock of Life, The
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Introduction: Simplicity at Christmas


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