Christmas In My Heart 17

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This is the 17th in the longest-running story Christmas anthology series in America, Christmas In My Heart. Volumes 1-16 published by Review & Herald, and continued by Pacific Press). Formatting has not changed. (2008). 126 pages. Trade Paper.

Try this heart-warming collection & you may find a new favorite short story author. Scroll down for a list of stories and authors included in this collection.


In this collection you will find:
Burr, Frances Cole Snowbound Christmas, A
Cooper, Susan Fenimore Cherry-Colored Purse, The
Coryell, John Russell Baby Deb “P’ays” for the Christmas Goose
Forrester, Izola L. Snowbound Santa Claus, The
Fox, Fred P. President for One Hour
Freeman, Mary E. Wilkins Where the Christmas Tree Grew
Gibson, Addison Howard Kane and Pard
Gilchrist, Beth Bradford Where Journeys End
Girvan, Helen M. Substitute for Mildred, A
Hill, Marion Random Shot, A
Johnson, Alice Josephine Ermee’s Christmas Doll
Kameron, Katharine Hetty’s Letter
Kelly, Eric Philbrook In Clean Hay
Longstreth, T. Morris Santa Sylvia
Wade, Elizabeth Flint Something for Aunt Jane
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Introduction: A St. Nicholas Magazine Christmas


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