Christmas In My Heart 14


Focus on the Family wanted hardback rights to Christmas Heart core series. Beginning in 2000, Focus on the Family / Tyndale House instituted a beautiful series of vertical dust-jacketed hardbacks sporting the same stories and illustrations as the originals. Collectors have always loved these works of art. Illustrations and cover are Nineteenth Century woodcuts.

Same stories and illustrations as in Review and Herald’s Christmas in My Heart 14. Differences: vertical rather than horizontal format and cover illustration, and story selections. The editors at Tyndale and Review & Herald agreed upon the inclusion of thirteen stories, but disagreed on the inclusion of two. Tyndale did not include Claire Jones’ “Christmas for Elizabeth,” and Margaret Sangster’s “Out of the Air.” Tyndale substituted for one of them Butterworth’s “How Dot Heard The Messiah,” (already included in Review & Herald’s Christmas in My Heart 13). Tyndale’s edition thus features fourteen stories, Review & Herald features fifteen. (2005). 239 pages. Hardback. Published by Focus on the Family / Tyndale House.


Author Unknown Boy Named John, A
Author Unknown Night My Father Came Home, The
Author Unknown Soft Spot in B606, The
Buck, Pearl S. Certain Star, A
Butterworth, Hezekiah How Dot Heard the Messiah
Gordon, Arthur Christmas Wish, The
Hill, Marjorie Yourd Sea Anchor
Kampton, Lanita Gift That Never Was, The
Kiilian, Dorothy Boys Christmas Gift, The
Reeves, Katherine There’s a Song in the Air
Rue, Nancy N. Season of Uncertainty
Silvers, Earl Reed Miracle of Christmas, The
Smith, Harold Ivan Tree for Benji, A
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger By the Fireplace
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Introduction: Time to Stand Up


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