Christmas In My Heart 13


Focus on the Family wanted hardback rights to Christmas Heart core series. Beginning in 2000, Focus on the Family / Tyndale House instituted a beautiful series of vertical dust-jacketed hardbacks sporting the same stories and illustrations as the originals. Collectors have always loved these works of art. Illustrations and cover are Nineteenth Century woodcuts.

Same stories and illustrations as in Review and Herald’s Christmas in My Heart 13. Differences: vertical rather than horizontal format and cover illustration, and two stories not in core series. (2004). 245 pages. Hardback. Published by Focus on the Family / Tyndale House.


Author Unknown Empty Boxes
Author Unknown White Christmas, A
Boiko, Denise Anderson Jeanette’s Christmas List
Cunningham, Louis Arthur And You Shall Receive
Donnell, Annie Hamilton Thin Little Lonely One, The
Fisher, Dorothy Canfield Night the Stars Sang, The
Gunn, Robin Jones Christmas Without Grandma Kay
Helsby, Christine, as told to Ed Erny Our POW Christmas
Hurt, Henry Merry Christmas, Mrs. Moring
Ikerman, Ruth C. Kitten of Bethlehem
McKemie, Dorothea Allen Memories of a Golden Night
Phillips, Mary Geisler Surprise Christmas
Raftery, Barbara Colin’s Christmas Candle
Robb, Esther Chapman White Shawl, The
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Christmas After the Dark Time
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Christmas Without Christ


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