Christmas In My Heart 12

Twelfth book in the classic Christmas in My Heart series, the longest-running Christmas anthology series in America. Each book in the original series are horizontal tradepaper, sporting beautiful classic Currier & Ives illustrations on covers, with timeless woodcut illustrations inside.
(2003). 128 pages. Paperback. Published by Review & Herald. Same stories and illustrations as in Focus on the Family / Tyndale’s Christmas in My Heart 12.

Try this heart-warming collection & you may find a new favorite short story author. Scroll down for a list of authors and stories in this collection.


In this collection you will find:
Bailey, Temple Santa Claus is Kindness
Deffner, Donald L. Somewhere I’ll Find You
Delano, Edith Barnard Gift of the Manger, The
Doig, D. T. Love Song for Christmas, A
Holberg, Ruth Langland Song is Born, A
Johnson, Jewell Merry Christmas, Mr. Keene
Jordan, Elizabeth G. Van Valkenberg’s Christmas Gift
Kingsley, Florence Morse Story of the Field of Angels, The
McCain, John Joyful and Triumphant
Norris, Kathleen Christmas Bread
Potter, Myrtle “Cookie” Kidnapped Doll, The
Reagin, Joyce Our Part of the Circle
Rue, Nancy N. Family Twinkle, The
Seyler, Lawrence J. as told to Sue Philipp Night of the Blizzard, The
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Christmas Sabbatical
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Introduction: Joseph’s Love Story


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