Christmas in My Heart 26

This edition marks the 26th anniversary of the series. Loved by thousands, the release of each additional book marks the beginning of the Christmas season in homes all across the country. Each book in the original series are horizontal tradepaper, sporting beautiful classic Currier & Ives illustrations on covers, with timeless woodcut illustrations inside. (2017) 124 pages. Tradepaper. Published by Pacific Press.

Scroll down for a list of authors & stories in this collection.


In this particular collection, you will find the following:

Bennett, Frank A Wise Man
Britton, Catherine R. Listen to the Bells
Conn, J. Stephen A Homespun Christmas
Cook, Editors of David C. Mary: Blessed Among Women
Glaspell, Susan Cherished and Shared of Old
Gordon, Arthur Old Ironpuss
Kent, Ruth K. The Old, Old Story
Kingsley, Florence Morse The Story of the Star
Lovell, Frances Stockwell Christmas for One
Luke and Matthew The Greatest Christmas Story Ever Told
McAfee, Paul The Three Strangers
Mitchell, Ruth Comfort Something in the Sock
Shanko, Noel H. A Silver Christmas
Shockley, Dayle Allen The Christmas Gift
Spofford, Harriet Prescott The Great Moment
Stewart, Isobel Tears Tomorrow
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Introduction: It’s a Mighty Long Process
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger, with Temple Bailey Christmas at Solomon’s Shore – A Play within a Play


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