Best of Christmas in My Heart 2

A continuation of the heartwarming holiday stories for all ages. Bring back the true meaning of Christmas. (2008) 218 pages. Beautiful, textured hardback cover with pre-printed memory/gift page. (2008) 218 pages. Published by Howard Books.

Scroll down for a list of authors and stories in this collection.


In this collection you will find:

Amanrude, Ruth Emery Guest in the House
Bailey, Temple O Little Flock
Cunningham, Louis Arthur And You Shall Receive
Doig, D. T. Love Song for Christmas, A
Gordon, Arthur Good Things in Life, The
Kroll, Harry Harrison Good Will Toward Men
Maxwell, Arthur House that Glowed, The
Price, Edith Ballinger Bobo and the Christmas Spirit
Rathburn, Carolyn Under the Banana Leaf Christmas Tree
Richards, Helen E. Real Christmas Spirit, The
Rue, Nancy N. Red Envelope, The
Sangster, Margaret E. Littlest Orphan and the Christ Baby, The
Sheldon, Charles M. Stolen Christmas, A
Smith, Harold Ivan Tree for Benji, A
Smoot, Deborah Eric’s Gift
Terhune, Albert Payson Yule Miracle, The
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Pandora’s Books


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