Abraham Lincoln, Civil War Stories

2013 marks the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, and of Lincoln’s famous “Gettysburg Address.” This incredible collection of rare and beautiful heirloom stories will reveal the servant heart of President Lincoln, his dedication to people who served him, and his homespun humor and wisdom. Collected over a lifetime from old magazine and publications, most published between the 1880’s and 1950’s, these stories will reveal his personal life, his tumultuous years during the Civil War, and the impact he had on those who met him. Published by Howard Books. 2013: 357 pages. Hardcover.


In this book you will find:


Author Story Title
Author Unknown Only a Mother
Bailey, Bernadine and Dorothy Walworth He Loved Me Truly
Brown, Carla Memory of Lincoln
Bullock, John M. President Lincoln’s Visiting Card
Chittendon, L. E Sleeping Sentinal, The
Coontz, Kathleen Read Boy Who Loved Lincoln, A
Corneau, Octavia Roberts Childhood in Lincoln’s Town
Frazer, Elizabeth Captain, My Captain
Gibbons, James Sloan Three Hundred Thousand More
Harmon, Seth Tad Lincoln’s Goat
Harris, Ninde He Knew Lincoln
Hendrick, Roe L. Lincoln and the Little Drummer Boy
Howe, Julia Ward Battle Hymn of the Republic
James, Earl H. How Lincoln Paid for His First Book
Longstreth, T. Morris Lesson in Forgiveness, A
Longstreth, T. Morris Strength Conquered, The
Lowell, James Russell Once to Every Man and Nation
Markham, Edwin Lincoln, the Man of the People
Marsh, Olive Vincent Missionary Money, The
McKee, Mabel When Lincoln Passed
Nagel, Isabel Abraham Lincoln’s Rose
O’Hara, M. L. Mr. Lincoln, I Love You!
Parker, Caroline B. Across the Great Plains Just to See Lincoln
Paton, William Agnew Schoolboy’s Interview with Abraham Lincoln, A
Randall, Ruth Painter and Joseph Leininger Wheeler Boys in the White House
Reynolds, Louis B. Heart of Lincoln, The
Reynolds, Louis B. Tenderness in a Ruined City
Roberts, John L. Decision That Took Courage, A
Singmaster, Elsie Mary Bowman, of Gettysburg
Somerset, Arthur Tall Stranger, The
Stanton, Robert Brewster Personal Memories of Abraham Lincoln
Wells, Mary Just Folks
Wells, Mary Ransom’s Papers
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Countdown to the Civil War
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger High Tide at Gettysburg
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Introduction: It Took More Than 150 Years
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Living Myth, The
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Stalemate
Whipple, Wayne Tad Lincoln
Whitman, Walt O Captain, My Captain!


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