A Mother’s Face is Her Child’s First Heaven

Features 12 of the most well-known & engaging stories about motherhood.¬†Features 12 of the most well-known and engaging motherhood stories ever written, including maybe the greatest mother’s face story ever written, “The Littlest Orphan,” by Margaret Sangster. 2014: 120 pages. Tradepaper. ¬†Published by Mission Books.

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In this book you will find:

Adair, Helen Greatest Victory in the World, The
Author Unknown Wanted–A Real Mother
Bailey, Temple Lucky Girl
Carpenter, Hattie H. Yellow on White
Donnell, Annie Hamilton Bobby Unwelcome
Douglas, John Scott Red Roses
Gilchrist, Beth Bradford Vacation–For Mother!
Harbaugh, Katherine M. Finger Bowls and Accomplishments
Sangster, Margaret E. Littlest Orphan and the Christ Baby, The
Stallings, Jessie Frank Old Mother, An
Terrill, Josephine DeFord Masterpiece, The
Wheeler, Joseph Leininger Introduction: Our First Heaven


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