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March 21, 2018


My thoughts are rambling tonight. Yesterday—finally—, snow began to fall. Just when Coloradans were beginning to panic: what if this turns out to be another terrible summer . . . with one fire after another . . . what if our well runs dry—the water table is already low. . . . Every day the news gets bleaker—even terrifying. ., . . The opioid epidemic is now killing more Americans every day than all the auto accidents put together. . . . Marijuana is altering our culture—and not for the better. . . . Civility in Washington is almost nonexistent. . . . The center is disappearing from American life. . . .

And then it hits me: Why should I fear? God is still out there. God is still in control. He is by me every step of the way—in my sleeping and in my waking, in my work and in my leisure. Even when I take my last breath: my soul goes back to the God who entrusted it to me. Even in death, I can trust Him for whatever is in escrow for me in His tomorrow.

Thank you, Lord.


5 thoughts on “MOMENT BY MOMENT

  1. Amen Dr. Joe!
    Thank you for these words of wisdom which turn our thoughts to the only One Who matters, Who makes life worth living, Who loves us.
    God bless you.

  2. Amen and Amen…

  3. God bless you. I thank God for you.

  4. I hear what you are saying. Even though we trust God to take care of us, it is still exasperating to witness the things that are taking place around us. No wonder why Paul said: “the whole creation groans.” I groan, and I am longing for that day when we can all be in that new Kingdom where we will never groan again. God bless you.

    1. Yes Donald!

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