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“Christmas in My Heart 26” is Available




October 11, 2017



Our 98th book (82nd story anthology) was just released by Pacific Press in Nampa, Idaho. From this day on, Christmas Rush begins here in Colorado as “completists” weigh in to make certain their sets remains complete. Others order books they are still lacking. And still others are just now discovering us. Whatever the reason, it will be a joy to hear from you.

It was most special to discover that the publisher, for the sixth year in a row, issued a splendid color bookmark (with hand-tied tassel) made from the cover stock and cover illustration—a true work of art. We include it with the book at no extra cost.

Here are the contents:

Frontispiece poem, “The Great Moment,” by Harriet Prescott Spofford

“The Greatest Christmas Story Ever Told,” by the Apostles Luke and Matthew

“Tears Tomorrow,” by Isobel Stewart

“A Homespun Christmas,” by J. Stephen Conn

“Mary: Blessed of Women – a Word Portrait,” by the editors of David C. Cook

“A Wise Man,” by Frank Bennett

“Listen to the Bells,” by Catherine R. Britton

“The Three Strangers,” by Paul McAffee

“A Silver Christmas,” by Noel H. Shanko

“The Old, Old Story,” by Ruth K. Kent

“Cherished and Shared of Old,” by Susan Glaspell

“The Story of the Star,” by Florence Morse Kingsley

“Something in the Sock,” by Ruth Comfort Mitchell

“The Christmas Gift,” by Dayle Allen Shockley

“Old Ironpuss,” by Arthur Gordon

“Christmas for One,” by Frances Stockwell Lowell

“Christmas at Solomon’s Shore,” by Joseph Leininger Wheeler with Temple Bailey

Retail price is $14.99, but it is on sale now for $10.99. If you are a Colorado resident, add 5% tax. Shipping is $6.00. You can order it directly from us. Send us an email to Or you can go to our web page: and order it there. Be sure to let us know if you would like the book inscribed.

2 thoughts on ““Christmas in My Heart 26” is Available

  1. Very excited to hear about the new book to add to my collection.
    I have the Kleenex ready! ?
    Thanks again for sharing with us at Hope Campmeeting. Loved it !

  2. Congratulations! What a milestone! I will plan on ordering number 26.

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