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“Abraham Lincoln Civil War Stories’ now in paperback





November 15, 2017

Since second editions rarely happen, this one means a great deal to us. Permit me to share with you why Howard/Simon & Schuster asked if I’d be willing to help create a Second Edition.

(1)      The original dust-jacketed hardback came out in 2013, during the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. Though it contained many stories set prior to the war and reflective ones after the war, we still, by its title, emphasized on the cover only the stories set during the war itself.

But now, four years later, the time was ripe for coming out with a new edition touting the fact that many of the stories were not set during the war. But changing the title might result in buyer confusion. We certainly didn’t want those who already had the 2013 book to mistakenly assume this was a totally new collection of stories, so we stayed with the original title–but still made a number of changes.

(2)      First of all, the publisher felt that so many seismic changes had taken place since 2013–changes in our nation and the world, especially in the polarization of our own people and in the coarsening of our public rhetoric, that it might be informative for me to write a new introduction to the collection, this one having to do with Lincoln’s timelessness, why he means more today than he ever did against the limited backdrop of the war itself.

(3)      Then there is the new section of Lincoln stories that are for, or about, small children. We call them “storiettes” because they tend to be shorter than the ones included in the First Edition. These really short stories are just as significant as are longer ones, especially where small children are concerned, given their short attention-spans.

(4)      All these were added to the original text; nothing was left out.

(5)      The much-loved Nathan Greene painting of Lincoln in a tent at Antietam (the bloodiest single-day battle of the war) was retained, but the base color was changed from gold to a striking shade of red–considerably more dramatic!

(6)      And, it was felt it would be good to bind the Second Edition as trade paper rather than hardback, thus reducing the price from $23.99 to $15.99. This way more people can afford to give them away as stocking-stuffers this Christmas. It is an especially important book to give to young people who are searching for real heroes rather than pseudo ones.

We already have a fine stock available. No tax outside of Colorado, 5% inside. Shipping is $6.00.

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