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Boys Who Will Never Grow Up – Part II






August 16, 2017

Now let me turn to a recent Pittsburgh Post Gazette editorial titled “The Video Game Trap.” Here is what their editors concluded:

A group of economists released a paper recently suggesting young men are working fewer hours because they are spending so much time playing video games. Video games might also help explain a study last month from Johns Hopkins University researchers who said today’s 19-year-old is as sedentary as a 60-year-old.Inactive lifestyles, obesity and the opioid epidemic have combined to end a streak of life expectancy increases. In 2015, the number dropped for the first time in two decades—from 78.9 to 78.8.

The economists found that American men 21 to 30 were working 203 fewer hours a year than the same age group did in 2000. Part of that difference is because gaming and social isolation prevent some men from even entering the workforce.

Inactive lifestyles and poor diets are directly linked to increasing obesity rates, which correlate with the decline in life expectancy.

Choosing social isolation or gaming over a fulfilling job or friendship deprives a person of support systems that could help when dealing with an addiction. And decreased productivity and unemployment prevent the economy from reaching peak efficiency, thereby hurting others who are fully engaged in the workforce. Americans need to get back to moving their bodies.” (The Denver Post, July 23, 2017).

Keep in mind that girls are also at risk for wasting their young lives in downhill slides into substance abuse and inner deterioration. Because girls are wired differently, at colleges across the nation, there are 50% more coeds attending than males today—which leaves coeds with fewer and fewer educated males to choose from as they search for husbands.

If we look around us and take a clear-eyed analysis of what we see, it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that a very large portion of parents are flunking parenthood by abdicating the traditional roles of motherhood and fatherhood. Instead, they are like adolescents themselves. They do virtually nothing to instill work ethics in their children, they encourage even their teen and adult children to lay around the house all day, play video games most of the night, and sleep until noon or later of the next day. The parents reason, Why make them work when they don’t have to? Sooner or later they’ll have to work—they can deal with it then.

The obvious result is that we thereby accelerate the decline of our families and our nation. Such parental abdication of the God-given responsibility to raise God-fearing, ethical, caring, honest, diligent, industrious children all can be proud of, is literally a national catastrophe in the making.

Such parents fail to take into consideration that throughout time there has been chronicled a natural progression of growth: half of what we learn in life we learn by six. Our work habits are already being formed by our tween years. Our attitudes toward character development, intellectual goal-setting, social interaction, responsibility, preparation for marriage and parenting, career goals and preparation for work careers, respect and appreciation for one’s country and its values, concepts of selfless service for others, avoidance of all forms of substance abuse, solid work ethic, and a deep desire to follow God’s will in all they do and say and are.

None of which are likely to take place if a parent abdicates tough love and a willingness to postpone popularity and appreciation in their children until those children grow up, look back, and then say,

“Thank you, Dad. Thank you, Mom

for seeing me, seeing us, through.”

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We shall conclude this series next week.