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February 14, 2018

Yes, it is now out: our 99th book and 83rd story anthology. During the last five years, this series has been gathered to the heart by both the regular buyers of our books and those who are searching for true stories to use for church, Sunday schools, schools, and home ministries—stories for all age groups.

Our new collection follows on the heels of Angel, Miracle, Prayer, and Life-Changing Stories. Courage will be followed by Integrity Stories.

Many parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles, are gifting family members with these books.

All five sport cover art by Marcus Mashburn. You will discover that each cover illustration can be traced back to an incident in one of the stories in the collection. This particular cover painting depicts the hero of the Academy Award-winning movie, Hacksaw Ridge, Medal of Honor winner Desmond Doss.

Many of these stories are biographical shorts preserved for us by famed editor Lora E. Clement.

Here are the stories you will find in the collection:

“On His Own Two Feet” – Grace Perkins Oursler“Hearts Unafraid” – Hildegarde Thorup

“Rustler Tess” – Aline Havard

“We Had Lost Everything” – Lora E. Clement

“Philip and the Cows” – Mrs. R. B. Sheffer

“Anna of the Wilderness” – Richard Morenus

“Scraps” –Marjorie Baker

“Courage Rather Than Hatred” – Lora E. Clement

“The Madness of Anthony Wayne” – Rupert Sargent Holland

“Five Days With Dolly Madison” – Elinor E. Pollard

“Thomas Nast and the Tammany Tiger” –Lora E. Clement

“Fo’c’sle and Wigwam” – Henry Morton Robinson

“War on Yellow Fiver” – Ruth Fox

“158 Spruce Street” – Lora E. Clement

“A Sheet of White Paper” – Author Unknown

“Beautiful Upon the Mountains” –Arthur A. Milward

“Take Me, Take Me” – Lora E. Clement

“Silhouettes of Courage” – Agnes Kendrick Gray

“A Question of Courage” – Ethel Comstock Bridgman

“God Keep Him Alive!” – Carr P. Collins

“Greater Love Hath No Woman” – Louisa Stinetorf and Lora E. Clement

“Jane Amsden’s Hospital” – Author Unknown

“Did—I—Do—My—Best?” – Lora E. Clement

“Hero of Pleasant Hill” – F. A. Boygess

“An Incredible Act of Courage” – Author Unknown

“The Hero of Hacksaw Ridge” – Joseph Leininger Wheeler with Booton Herndon


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Retail $15.99; our price is $12.00. Personally inscribed if so requested.

Set of all five in the series (Angel, Miracle, Prayer, Life-Changing, Courage).

Retail: $79.95; sale for the set: $60.00 – plus shipping.

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