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The Ultimate Christmas Gift of 2017





November 8, 2017

Everywhere I go, I see shoppers almost frantically searching for what they consider almost impossible: the perfect gift for the Christmasaholic (on one’s stocking list) who already has EVERYTHING! And it never ceases to amaze me how many people there are out there who think, decorate, sing, and read Christmas year-round. They are the happiest people you will find anywhere! In fact, it’s surprising to discover so many who read the Christmas in My Heart® books year-round (and when they’ve cycled through all of them, next week they start back on Book 1 and begin the cycle all over again).


The miracle is–in this age of jerking new books out of print almost as soon as they come into print–that for 26 years now (more than a quarter century), the entire series has somehow remained in print. In spite of the original publisher’s closing its doors! And the miracle? Pacific Press picking up where Review & Herald left off (Christmas in My Heart16), and continuing the series. Not only that, but also keeping all of the first 16 in print so that individuals such as you can still purchase the entire set on the cheap).

And, as many of you know, Christmas in My Heart® [Gold Medallion finalist] is now the longest-running Christmas story series in the United States and Canada.

I’ve never felt the series to be my own–but rather it is God’s. Again and again and again, when for one reason or another, it appeared clear that the Series had reached its terminus, God has stepped in to keep it alive.

And now over a million of our Christmas books have been sold, untold thousands of them in the U.S. and Canada–and many of them overseas as well–who call themselves “completists, own them all. And, of course, perish the thought that any of them would miss picking up the newest addition! Furthermore, each of these “completists” feel they own us. “You must NEVER die!” they tell me. “How could I possibly face another Christmas without a new collection?”


It has been a long time coming: For thirteen years Review & Herald stayed with its original price of $10.99; it raised the price to $11.99, and stayed there for three years; then it raised the price to $13.99 and stayed there for seven years; and for three years now the price has been $14.99. But reprinting a book that’s 10, 15, or 20 years old and having to sell them at the original price is not cost-effective at all. Consequently, Pacific Press, recognizing that if they are to continue to keep all the books in print, has finally done what it had to do: they have raised the price of the first 23 books to $13.99 each, and books 24, 25, and 26 are pegged at $14.99. Since we have had to pay for major recent purchases of the entire series at this new price, we are forced to change our prices accordingly.


As many of you know, when Christmas in My Heart® turned a quarter century old, Pacific Press celebrated by creating and printing 300 boxed sets (it cost them $20,000 just to print those boxes!). They are indeed beautiful.

In spite of all these price changes, we can still offer a 30% discount! The total retail price for a set (and shipping books to us) is $386.71. But we can offer the complete set to you for $269.50 (a 30% discount), plus shipping of course. This price will be good until Thursday, December 21. Our offices will be closed for the Christmas holiday, and won’t reopen until January 13 of 2018. After that, the set will be available at $289.00, plus shipping.

And, if so requested, I can inscribe the entire set (it takes me at least two hours to inscribe a full set now) at no additional cost to you.

If you wish to secure one of those ultra rare boxed-sets of 25, let us know and we’ll check to see if there are any left—and we’ll let you know what it will set you back. But I wouldn’t be able to inscribe a boxed set, as they are sealed.

You can find all of these books, and many more, on our web site: Place your order there — or you can send us an email at

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The Ultimate Gift For Christmasaholics

November 30, 2016

cimh-1-25-scan                            Complete set of Christmas in My Heart books

Well, this is what more and more people are saying about complete sets of Christmas in My Heart® books. This year, perhaps more than has been true before, because now the series has reached a quarter century (402 stories, over 3,000 pages), thus it is considered to be a classic of its kind: the longest-running Christmas story series in America.

People who love Christmas stories so much that they insist on securing a copy of every collection of Christmas stories in the series, call themselves “completists.” In fact, in letters and emails they often introduce themselves as “completists.” But, in general, when referring to their fascination with all things Christmas, they call themselves “Christmasaholics.”

These are the kind of readers who tend to cycle through Christmas stories all year long. As a species, no happier or young at heart individuals than these will you ever find.

Just listen to a sampling of them from the last few years:

“I know this is common for thousands of your readers but I wanted you to know that after Thanksgiving each year I pull out the CIMH books (and beginning with 1) read every book through by the time I pick up the new issue. I’m a bookworm and especially love stories that deal with Christmas so this is a fun-time for me.”
—Collegedale, Tennessee

“(CIMH 24—a home run—No! A grand slam – Game 7 — BOTTOM OF THE NINTH — clinching the World Series. Thanks for the unselfish ministry of providing ‘completists’ the powerful stories in this God blessed series.”
—Tyler, Texas

“Life’s too short not to thank someone who has made an impact on your life! Seventeen years ago I discovered one of your Christmas in My Heart books in Barnes and Noble. I’ve always been a book nut as well as a Christmas nut so I bought it. Almost immediately I bought the next two in the series. That Christmas our firstborn son was a tiny newborn. I was exhausted and frazzled. My fondest memories that Christmas are of being up through the nights, baby in my arms, reading your wonderful stories and crying. Such wonderful stories. They made my Christmas that year and went a long way toward helping me through the adjustments to motherhood. Being up through the night is a pleasure with a great story! Now our tiny newborn is a strapping 17 year old (also a book nut) with four younger siblings. The Christmas stories have become part of our Christmas every year. I just received your 23rd book from my husband for a Christmas Eve book. Can’t wait to savor the stories!!”
—Jodi (provided no address in email)

“I have collected all of your Christmas in My Heart books—and I thank you for being ‘America’s Keeper of the Story.’”
—Wimberly, Texas
“How can I say thanks for the things you have done for me? . . . . The 21 volumes of Christmas in My Heart were hungrily devoured by me throughout the last 12 months. What incentive they gave me to hurry through any tasks at hand, that I might delve into these stories and be translated into the realms of goodness, and beauty, and forgiveness, and triumph, and love. Often seeing myself in your characters, I marveled that the authors (including you) could produce the very essence of passions and longings I have lived. . . . Thank you for a gift of this magnitude. Our tender and compassionate God has used your labors to soothe my soul and transform my heart many times over.
—Colorado Springs, Colorado

“My very best friend sent me the latest in your series of Christmas in My Heart so I could start the Christmas holidays early. I have just finished it and, of course, have not been disappointed. I have the entire series, 1-22, and have found, after a few years of noticing the order of stories, that the story I read first is, of course, the last one. . . . Thanks for all the wonderful stories you have shared with those of us who enjoy reading your books each year. I go back each year and re-read some of my favorites in many of the books. A friend of mine gave me my first book and I’ve gotten them for each of the three girls in our family.”
—Cleveland, Tennessee

“This Christmas my husband surprised me with your complete set of Christmas in My Heart books. I was just delighted! It was a real surprise and very special for me to discover that you had personally autographed 22 books in a very special way. You couldn’t have done it for a more appreciative person. They are even more of a treasure because of your personal touch in each book. I so enjoy your introductory comments before each story, and since I grew up with Currier & Ives calendars, I love your choice of book covers.”
—Lenexa, Kansas

* * * * *

I’m always deeply moved when someone contacts me (in person or by mail) with a request something like this: “My wife lives for Christmas. So much so that I’ve decided to surprise her with a complete set of Christmas in My Heart…. Would it be too much trouble to inscribe each one to her?” But about half of such requests come from women for their sentimental husbands. Many times it’s a parent or grandparent for a child. And yes, upon request, I personally inscribe each one (each book has its own unique inscription), at no extra cost. Except time. Each time a new book comes out, it takes me longer to inscribe a complete set. With 25 books now, it will take me two hours to personally inscribe a complete set. To me, each one represents a God-given opportunity to make a difference in this all-too-short life—time well spent.


Retail for CIMH 1 – 25 is $306.77.
Sale price (until Epiphany, January 6, 2017), a 35% discount! – $199.75

Retail for CIMH 1-25, plus TC 13, and TC 15 is $344.95.
Those two Focus on the Family/Tyndale House hardbacks contain three stories not in the core series (including my novelette-length story, “Christmas After the Dark Time”).

Sale price (until Epiphany, January 6, 2017), a 35% discount! – $224.75.

Specify if the set is to be personalized (to whom, or to whom, on behalf of whom, and the relationship).

See further details on our website: You can order them there and pay with your credit card on the website. Or send me an email with your request to: