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The Ultimate Christmas Gift of 2017





November 8, 2017

Everywhere I go, I see shoppers almost frantically searching for what they consider almost impossible: the perfect gift for the Christmasaholic (on one’s stocking list) who already has EVERYTHING! And it never ceases to amaze me how many people there are out there who think, decorate, sing, and read Christmas year-round. They are the happiest people you will find anywhere! In fact, it’s surprising to discover so many who read the Christmas in My Heart® books year-round (and when they’ve cycled through all of them, next week they start back on Book 1 and begin the cycle all over again).


The miracle is–in this age of jerking new books out of print almost as soon as they come into print–that for 26 years now (more than a quarter century), the entire series has somehow remained in print. In spite of the original publisher’s closing its doors! And the miracle? Pacific Press picking up where Review & Herald left off (Christmas in My Heart16), and continuing the series. Not only that, but also keeping all of the first 16 in print so that individuals such as you can still purchase the entire set on the cheap).

And, as many of you know, Christmas in My Heart® [Gold Medallion finalist] is now the longest-running Christmas story series in the United States and Canada.

I’ve never felt the series to be my own–but rather it is God’s. Again and again and again, when for one reason or another, it appeared clear that the Series had reached its terminus, God has stepped in to keep it alive.

And now over a million of our Christmas books have been sold, untold thousands of them in the U.S. and Canada–and many of them overseas as well–who call themselves “completists, own them all. And, of course, perish the thought that any of them would miss picking up the newest addition! Furthermore, each of these “completists” feel they own us. “You must NEVER die!” they tell me. “How could I possibly face another Christmas without a new collection?”


It has been a long time coming: For thirteen years Review & Herald stayed with its original price of $10.99; it raised the price to $11.99, and stayed there for three years; then it raised the price to $13.99 and stayed there for seven years; and for three years now the price has been $14.99. But reprinting a book that’s 10, 15, or 20 years old and having to sell them at the original price is not cost-effective at all. Consequently, Pacific Press, recognizing that if they are to continue to keep all the books in print, has finally done what it had to do: they have raised the price of the first 23 books to $13.99 each, and books 24, 25, and 26 are pegged at $14.99. Since we have had to pay for major recent purchases of the entire series at this new price, we are forced to change our prices accordingly.


As many of you know, when Christmas in My Heart® turned a quarter century old, Pacific Press celebrated by creating and printing 300 boxed sets (it cost them $20,000 just to print those boxes!). They are indeed beautiful.

In spite of all these price changes, we can still offer a 30% discount! The total retail price for a set (and shipping books to us) is $386.71. But we can offer the complete set to you for $269.50 (a 30% discount), plus shipping of course. This price will be good until Thursday, December 21. Our offices will be closed for the Christmas holiday, and won’t reopen until January 13 of 2018. After that, the set will be available at $289.00, plus shipping.

And, if so requested, I can inscribe the entire set (it takes me at least two hours to inscribe a full set now) at no additional cost to you.

If you wish to secure one of those ultra rare boxed-sets of 25, let us know and we’ll check to see if there are any left—and we’ll let you know what it will set you back. But I wouldn’t be able to inscribe a boxed set, as they are sealed.

You can find all of these books, and many more, on our web site: Place your order there — or you can send us an email at

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September 28, 2016



It is out! Our 94th book (79th story anthology). Hard to realize that, with this release, Christmas in My Heart® is now a quarter century old!

Pacific Press outdid themselves with their glorious cover. As for us, knowing scan-bookmark-25what a landmark event this was, we worked twice as hard to put together the greatest Christmas collection yet. And it comes with its own bookmark!

Thousands now own all of the series—many cycle through them every year. They call themselves “completists.” You’ll note we have a special price for what some call the set: the ultimate gift to the Christmasaholic in your family.

Within these covers you’ll find the following:

★ Frontispiece poem: “The Stars That Shine on Christmas Night,” by Elizabeth Carter
★ Introduction: “Mother Would Be So Proud,” by Joseph Leininger Wheeler
★ “Only Seven Days Until Christmas,” by Anna McClure Sholl
★ “Matters of the Heart,” by Janice Hermansen
★ “Christmas Shopping Trip,” by Kathryn Buckley
★ “Poinsettias Would Be Best,” by Eileen Herbert Jordan
★ “A Christmas Invitation,” by Helen H. Trutton
★ “Skookum Blue,” by John Paul Kilmer and Louia Cottrell [Molly Blackwell]
★ “The Angel Said,” by Olive Rambo Cook
★ “Star in the East,” by Nelia Gardner White
★ “Christmas Choice,” by Nora Ann Kuehn
★ “Shopping with Grandmother Minton,” by Daisy Crabbe Curtis
★ “The Farthest Hill,” by Maxine Lane
★ “Christmas in Peter’s Garden,” by Blanche Bayliss,
★ “Good Will Toward Men,” by Betsey Mann Collins
★ “The Christmas She’d Never Forget,” by Elizabeth Eicher
★ “An Amtrak White Christmas,” by Joseph Leininger Wheeler

You may order copies from us at $9.79 (retail is $13.99) each, plus shipping. Go to our web page: Or you may (as many others are doing) order the complete set of all 25 books at $199.75 (retail is $304.75), plus shipping; if you also wish to pick up the missing three stories in the Focus on the Family/Tyndale House hardback (TC-13) and (TC-15), making 27 books in all, the price would be $219.75 (retail is $343.73), plus shipping. Books may be generically or individually inscribed at no extra cost, if so requested. Complete sets will be sent UPS insured.

Christmas is right around the bend!