The Secrets of the Creeping Desert and Other Mysteries for Boys

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12 of the best short mystery stories ever written for boys. These stories are sure to entertain, inform, and even raise an eyebrow or two.

2014: 171 pages. Tradepaper. Published by Mission Books.

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In this book you will find:

Barbour, Ralph HenryBlack-on-Blue
Carter, Russell GordonFour Men in Boats
Coombs, F. LovellJack’s Electric Signal
Donelson, Richard N.Secrets of the Creeping Desert, The
Douglas, John ScottBlack Canyon Mystery
Farrington, FrankJimmy the Sleuth
Holady, A. MayPluck and “Thousand Acres”
Myers, Ruth HerrickMystery of the Missing
Nolan, Jeannette C.Prisoner, The
Osborne, Ruth and RobertGassoway Goats, The
Phillips, E. MarkScoop
Silvers, Earl ReedEgg Mystery, The
Wheeler, Joseph LeiningerIntroduction: Boys and Mystery Stories



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