Soldier Stories

Soldier Stories

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True Tales of Courage, Honor, and Sacrifice from the Frontlines of WWI, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq & Afghanistan. 2006: 224 pages. Tradepaper. Published by Thomas Nelson.


Author UnknownCarrier Pigeons are Real Heroes
Caidin, MartinDoolittle’s Raid on Tokyo
Fleming, ThomasVoyage to Faith
Forester, C. S.How The British Sank the Scharnhorst
Fredericks, Lieutenant Alan D. with Michael GladychMercy Flight
Jones, KenNew Skipper for Charlie Company, A
Lomax, Lieutenant EricBeyond the River Kwai
McCain, Commander John with Mark SalterMike’s Flag
McCain, Commander John with Mark SalterPat Tillman: a Short Life
McNutt, William SlavensYanks Go Through, The
Mizrahi, Joseph V.Flying Madman, The
Pyle, ErnieLost Fortress, The
Stewart, Sergeant Sidney with Joseph Leininger WheelerGive Us This Day
Strobl, Lt. Colonel MichaelTaking Chance
Wahle, Anne with Roul TunleyDresden Inferno, The
Wheeler, Joseph LeiningerIntroduction: The Fascination of War


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