Smoky: The Ugliest Cat in the World

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Smoky: The Ugliest Cat in the World and other Great Cat Stories contains 14 stories, including some by authors Abbie Farwell Brown, Margaret Sangster, Jr., and Penny Porter. The feature story is about a cat named Smoky, burned almost beyond recognition and with an iron will to live, will blaze his way into your heart. Part of Joe Wheeler’s animal book series called The Good Lord Made Them All, published by Pacific Press. (2005) 160 pages. Tradepaper.

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In this collection you will find:

Adams, John ColemanMidshipman, the Cat
Brennan, Blythe MorleyAlbert
Brown, Abbie FarwellThankful Cats
Campbell, N. MargaretUndoing of Morning Glory Adolphus, The
Dunsing, DeeKingly Cat, The
Glenn, Dorothy ClaytonBlack Cats and Becky
Gordon, ArthurFraidy Cat
Hart, Estelle M.Kitten by Post, A
O’Brien, JackKing and the Princess
Peattie, Louise RedfieldInkspot
Platz, P. J.Back to the Heartland
Porter, PennyUgliest Cat in the World, The
Sangster, Margaret E. Jr.Small Things
Wheeler, Joseph LeiningerIntroduction: The Cat Dimension of Our Lives
Wheeler, Joseph LeiningerPandora’s Books
Wheeler, Joseph LeiningerThree C’s for Comfort


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