Everyday Heroes


Fascinating journeys into personal courage — These stories spotlight ordinary men, women, and children who met a moment or season of challenge with extraordinary honor and courage. You and your loved ones will be inspired and emboldened to also “do the right thing” — no matter the cost — as you encounter crossroads in your own lives. (2002) 238 pages. Hardback. Published by Waterbrook Press / Random House.

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In this book you will find:

Author UnknownCoals of Fire
Beardsley, Margaret W.New Celebration of Memorial Day, A
Brooks, Van WyckLuminous World of Helen Keller, The
Brownley, MaryBird Man, The
Douglas, John ScottCrumpled Wings
Duncan, Ella A.Hero in Feathers
Fox, RuthWar on Yellow Fever
Gordon, ArthurAnswer, The
Harris, NindeHe Knew Lincoln
Ilsey, Carrie B.Aunt Becky’s Boys
Ind, AllisonGerm-Proof
McElroy, William T.Matter of Honor, A
Milward, ArthurOne Suffering One
O’Brien, John A.God’s Eager Fool
Olsen, Ruth LeesHeroes of Today
Peters, Mrs. M. S.Huldah Deane’s Heroism
Rezattl, HelenGirl Against a Blizzard, A
Sangster, Margaret E. Jr.Way of the Cross, The
Simmonds, Martha FPlace in the Sun, A
Wallace, G. E.Radio Notwithstanding, The
Wheeler, Joseph LeiningerIntroduction: On the Trail of a Hero
Wheeler, Joseph LeiningerPlatte River Rhapsody


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