Ben-Hur, Play edition

Ben-Hur, Play Edition

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An unforgettable account of betrayal, revenge, and rebellion, telling the story of a nobleman who fell from Roman favor and was sentenced to life as a slave — all at the hands of his childhood friend. The several hundred woodcut illustrations were prepared for the landmark President James Garfield Memorial Edition in 1891. Also included are thought-provoking discussion questions to help the reader get the most out of the story. 2000.

Focus on the Family printed a special hardback edition (inside same as other editions, but binding and dust jacket are different) for the Global Impact Concepts “Ben-Hur: The Musical.” The live drama closed its doors after several weeks and the expenditure of $10,000,000. Only 5,000 copies were printed so surviving copies are rare. No ISBN#

Paperback and Hardback versions also available.


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