Amelia the Flying Squirrel

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Amelia the Flying Squirrel and other Great Wild Animal Stories

(2009) 160 pages. Featuring God’s smallest animals—doodlebugs, a pet mouse named Guinevere, a chipmunk named Chatter, a story of a dragonfly, another about a skylark, and several more remarkable adventures. Part of Joe Wheeler’s animal book series called The Good Lord Made Them All, published by Pacific Press.


Author UnknownDarning Needle, The
Author UnknownHow a Skylark Preached a Sermon
Chute, B. J.Guinevere, the Mouse
Dunsing, DeeChatter, the Stowaway Chipmunk
Fisher, Dorothy CanfieldStory About Ancestors, A
Franklin, Linda with JoAnn HaaseOnce Upon a Song
Hamilton, SteveBut, Grandpa, They’re So Cute!
Hartley, George InnessWaif of the Jungle, A
Mannix, Daniel P.Beaded Death
Mannix, Daniel P.Haji, the Walking Fish
Neely, Henry M.Elsie’s First Aid to the Injured
Perrine, MaryBug Tale, A
Platz, P. J.Hanging On
Porter, PennyLove That Kept Him Warm, A
Ravenscroft, EffieLarry Goes to the Ant
Sprunt, Alexander Jr.Amelia, the Flying Squirrel
Wheaton, Percy S.Smart Little “Wassup”, The
Wheeler, Joseph LeiningerIntroduction: Questions Help Me Know Things


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