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My Favorite Hymn

    BLOG #7, SERIES #8
    February 15, 2017

I just received this query from two of our blog readers, Peter and Jill Grenfell of Oamaru, New Zealand:

“Thank you for forwarding your articles to us each week. They always contain items of interest and things to ponder on. In many cases we send them on to family and friends. Here is an idea for you. Over this last Christmas period our New Zealand concert radio programme asked listeners to send in their favourite hymn and the reason for the choice.”

“Would this be something you could suggest to your readers, that they send their selection and reasons for choice to you? We would be interested in your favourite hymn and Connie’s also.”

God Bless,
Peter and Jill”

So, I’m taking this opportunity to follow through on this request.

All each of you would need to do is email to us the name of your personal favorite hymn along with reason(s) why the hymn is so meaningful to you. We’ll give you 14 days to get your response in to us. Then, we’ll let you know which readers responded and which hymns they chose—and why.

Please respond this week to me at Look forward to hearing back from you. If we get enough responses we may occasionally try other survey questions.

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